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ShoeBeeDo is located at 3 Union St N, Concord NC

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Kicks Infant and Toddler Shoes

Soft Soled Moccasins for busy little ones. Easy on, not so easy off!

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Adult Shoes

Shoes for men and women. Long lasting, and made for comfort.


Leather sandals for men and women


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About ShoeBeeDo

Cindy Sheppard is the artist behind ShoeBeeDo. Based in Concord, NC, she has passionately run her business since 2005. Initially starting from her own home workshop, she took a leap of faith and established a physical store in 2016. This move allowed her to better showcase her creations and provide an immersive experience for customers.

     Cindy's passion for working with various types of leather shines through in her exceptional shoe and bag designs. She has a keen eye for selecting soft and supple hides, which lend a luxurious feel to her creations. When it comes to hardware, she meticulously chooses pieces that not only serve their purpose but also add a touch of style to her designs. Quality craftsmanship is the cornerstone of ShoeBeeDo.

    For nearly 2 decades, Cindy has been showcasing her talent at The Carolina Renaissance Festival. With the reputation of being The Village Cobbler, she has crafted shoes for numerous cast members and satisfied customers. Not only that, but her skills extend to creating a variety of custom leather goods.

In 2018, Cindy's exceptional skills were honored with the prestigious Made In NC award in the Style category, sponsored by Our State Magazine and Mast General Store. She was delighted to accept the award for her Ginger handbag

In 2023, ShoeBeeDo was awarded the distinguished Golden Helmet Award for Small Business of the Year, by the Cabarrus Visitors Bureau.

In addition to the retail store, Cindy now has a Maker Space, where you can come take a workshop and make your own leather creation.

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