Kicks Sizing Guide

Kicks Sizing

Size 0 … 3 5/8” long (approximate age 0-3 mos)

Size 1 … 4 1/4” long (approximate age 3-6 mos)

Size 2… 4 5/8” long (approximate age 6-9 mos)

Size 3… 5” long (approximate age 9-12 mos)

Size 4...

Size 5...

While these are the "Standard sizes”, I recognize that not all babies are “standard”. If your baby has an extra chunky foot, and you are concerned about fit, please contact me. Kicks can be made extra wide. 

Sizes 3-5 may be made with soft soles, or with thin and flexible Vibram soles. It is recommended that baby wear soft soles until they are confidently running (and you have to run to catch up!). 


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