About Us

    Cindy Sheppard is the artist behind ShoeBeeDo, located in Concord NC. She has had her business since 2005. Originally her workshop was in her home, and she transitioned to a brick and mortar shop in 2016.

     Cindy has had a desire to design and make shoes since she was a young girl, and started pursuing her passion right after high school where she apprenticed at the local shoe repair shop. As she repaired shoes and bags she took note of weaknesses and stress points in handbags, so when designing her own bags they are reinforced at these key points.

     Cindy loves to work with many different types of leather, preferring the softer more supple hides for her shoe and bag designs. She selects her hardware for function and style. Quality craftsmanship is the trademark of ShoeBeeDo.

      In 2018, Cindy was thrilled to be awarded the Made In NC award for the category of Style for her ‘Ginger’ handbag.

      Interested in seeing more work? In addition to her website  ShoeBeeDoNC.com, you can find ShoeBeeDo.NC on Instagram, Facebook , and Etsy.

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