My name is Cindy Sheppard and I am the owner of ShoeBeeDo!

I have been in business making shoes for more than a decade. Maybe you've seen me at the Carolina Renaissance Festival? In those first years I did all of my work in my basement before being able to move into a real workshop just a couple of years ago. This year I am so thrilled to realize my life long dream of having my very own shoe store.

I love working in downtown Concord! I was able to design and build my shop layout so that there is a store in the front and my workshop behind a half wall in the rear. I really wanted my customers to be able to come in and see me at work. Everyone is very curious about how shoes are made! I feel very blessed to have room for all of the different machines that I use to sew my shoes and bags laid out just the way I like them. There is finally plenty of room for me to move from one process to the next. 

The rolls of yummy leather are stacked against the wall - and the smell... well you will just have to come in and smell for yourself!

“I am a fan of comfortable shoes, truly comfortable. We discovered Cindy and her footwear at the Carolina Renaissance Festival where we perform. My husband got his first. I ended up getting Mary Janes for myself. These shoes not only performed well in outdoor natural terrain, but also weathered the rigors of a 5 day Disney parks trip (5 days of solid walking and standing in lines). I ordered some for my daughters. I asked her to design some shoes to look like my favorite pair of sketchers that were wearing out. I now have 2 pairs of Mary Janes, ankle boots and some sandals that I love (plus all the performance wear). I love that they are super comfortable and provide actual support and room. I also appreciate that they are pretty. I wear mine almost constantly - at work, at the Farmer’s Markets where I vend on the weekends, to the grocery store, to play rehearsal...

Are they more expensive than things you find in most shoe stores? Well, yes. But they have also lasted longer - my first pair of Disney-trod Mary Janes still look great, despite being over 4 years old. And they feel fabulous. These are hand-made, carefully crafted and worth every penny.

And Cindy does repairs! She fixed the buckle I broke and replaced the inner lining when I wore through it (that took over a year of constant wear). The tread on the soles have not yet worn down...but I’m sure she’ll take care of me when they do. I would far rather pay for these shoes that last and last than to pay for cheap shoes that must be replaced after less than a year and ultimately hurt my feet.

These are not ‘bargain shoes;’ these are an investment in your personal care.”
— Heather O. Shelton